No Snow……:(

My little town in Kentucky has not had a measurable snowfall this winter.  Makes me a little sad.  I can’t remember the last time we had a measurable snow on Christmas Day. Am I going to have to move to Colorado to see some snow?  I remember as a kid, we always had a lot of snow days.  Seems now a days not so much.  I would love for my daughters to see the big snows I had as a child.  Loved sledding and building snowmen, still do.  I know my parents didn’t enjoy driving in the white stuff.  Just like I don’t like to now.  These wintry days were fun times.  Hopefully soon my kids will have a snow day off from school, so we can a little fun.   Let’s go sledding!


About Debs Favorite Things

I am married with 2 beautiful girls. One in college, her second year and the other is in 8th grade. We live in the country with 2 dogs and 3 cats. My youngest daughter is a cheerleader and a gymnast. My family keeps me very busy.
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  1. None in sight, either. 😃

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