Living with Crohn’s Disease

I have been living with Crohn’s Disease since 1986.  I didn’t get diagnosed till 1987.  It’s been 31 long years dealing with this autoimmune disease.  There is no cure.  I am one of the lucky ones though.  I have only had one surgery, which I had to have three feet of my colon removed.  I will never forget that time period.  I was in the hospital for a month.  I had a very young daughter at that time.  She was 9 months old.  Thank the good lord for my husband and relatives for taking care of her while I was in the hospital.  I missed seeing my daughter.  It was awful being away from her.  My husband would come to visit and bring her too when he could.   It was hard on him, working and taking care of her and a long drive to see me when they could.  Another hard thing was this time period was around Mother’s Day so I spent that day in the hospital.  I was so sad.  I did spend part of that day with her and my husband, but it sure wasn’t ideal still being in the hospital.  When I finally did get released from the hospital, it was still a long recovery period, several months, but at least I was home.  I survived, I made it through.  I pray I never have another intestinal blockage again.  But like I said, I am lucky.  Some patients have to go through many surgeries and some need a colostomy bag when the colon has to be completely removed.  I pray I never have to go through that.  Crohn’s patients also have a high susceptibility to get colorectal cancer.  I worry about that everytime I have pain.  The only daily symptom I have is diarrhea.  Some days it is rough, makes it difficult to go out and be among the living.  Some days I just have to stay home.  I have stomach pain some, thank the lord it is not everyday.  That is very painful.  I have other symptoms too here and there.  Vomiting, nausea, eye issues, skin issues, and fever.  I have to go to the hospital every eight weeks and have an infusion of medicine that does help me quite a bit dealing with this disease.  It doesn’t help me with the diarrhea, but it does help for the most part with the other symptoms.   I have tried many medicines over the years, nothing has worked until I started getting these infusions.  I don’t know how long I have been on this infusion medicine, maybe eight years.  It can be a terrible disease.  I’m still here though.  I pray I have many, many years left.  There are many books, websites, online support groups and facebook groups that are helpful.  It is nice to talk to other people living with this disease.  I have learned alot from these groups and you don’t feel so alone.  There are always new medicines coming out.  Hopefully in my lifetime, there will be a cure.


About Debs Favorite Things

I am married with 2 beautiful girls. One in college, her second year and the other is in 8th grade. We live in the country with 2 dogs and 3 cats. My youngest daughter is a cheerleader and a gymnast. My family keeps me very busy.
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