A Must See Movie

My daughter and I went yesterday to see the new movie, “I’m Not Ashamed”.  It was a great movie to see with my daughter.  The movie is about Rachel Scott, a student that attended Columbine High School when the terrible shooting occurred in 1999.  She, along with 11 other students and one teacher were killed on that terrible day in April.  She was sitting outside for lunch with a friend, listening and offering support for something that he was going through.  Then two students approached them and started shooting.   I don’t think I will ever forget hearing this on the news and seeing the pictures of the scene.  It made me so sad and still does to this day.  So many lives lost for no reason.  Rachel seemed like the sweetest daughter and friend you could ever wish for.  She tried to help  her friends and classmates with different issues they were having.  Always giving of her time and advice.  A true angel.  All she wanted to do was to start a chain reaction of kindness.  What a sweet world this would be if everyone started their own chain reaction of kindness?  This movie was incredible, a must see.  It will change your life.  I hope someday to meet Rachel in heaven.  What an honor that will be.  Be kind and smile when you pass by someone.  You never know what is going on in their life, you just might make their day.  It will change their life and yours.